The Awesome Team of SyFlex now introduce Sylyn


We are introducing today Sylyn, a brand new, fully node based 3D animation software. The node system is extremely logical, simple to use, and easy to extend. 
Every functionality in Sylyn is a node, with inputs and outputs. Each input and output can be connected to other nodes. For example, any input can be animated with a graph animation node. 
New nodes can be created by combining and connecting nodes. These new nodes can then be added to the menu, and become part of the software. 
Of course, Sylyn also includes a full version of our cloth simulator, Syflex. 
We are starting today alpha testing of Sylyn, and are actively looking for talented graphic artists willing to help us finalize the software, and shape it into the right direction. 

Not much to say other then we can't wait to see what they bring us. Really hoping we get an invite to the beta once it's out of alpha.