Support our cause. There are many way if you like to support our work.    

  • Spread the word:  Share to those you think would like what where’re doing. Follow us on social links we have linked to the site.

Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp.  Just few places, besides the sites that host video.

  • Disable ad blockers for this Domain:  For the most part ads are provided through ProjectWonderful.  Few others like AdSense, which we have no problem removing once PW becomes a better alternative.

Project Wonderful are Ads created from independent websites and users. If you like to support and have a website you like to promote on our site or other PW websites. Create an account with them using our affiliation link and start bidding on our site.

  • Donations are possible through Dwolla.

Dwolla is an alternative to PayPal.  I really do like Dwolla over PayPal. They have a better policy and any transaction under 10 bucks is free. Other options will be added at a later time.

  •  Store purchases coming soon.

Items will be available as soon as we have things ready to sell.


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