what A day

As this week ends the weekend begin. The endless cycle of the working class. Through out the week silly discussions over Iphones  and ipads. It’s very insane/ludicrous that the fan boys/user-base  seem to make up excuses for ever little thing that an Apple product is missing  from any other consumer product.  These people seem to believe what their feed. or have already been brainwashed to think they are fine with out  features , found in other top of line items.

As the week ends I find my self noticing that the year is about to end. Yes I am aware that its about 6  months away , yet  it still feels so close.  Taking into account so much that has to be done. But also so little of it even completed.

As I attempt to finish one story , I feel bored and begin to wonder off  and start off on a different path. I f not I just find my self watching movies on Netflix.

Well Since I’m far from completion  I guess I wont bother post any info on my current projects.