Pack it up and Call it a Day

Moving onut

 Well…kind of you can say. While S12G isn't moving anywhere, I can’t say the same for my place of residence.  Also it’s not by choice. It’s really a pain since we only had a 3 weeks’ notice.  It appears the landlords were a bit on the shady side on how legit the house was zoned.  Along with other problems they created for themselves. Lazy for one and unable to keep their side of the property clean.  That’s right they were hit with so many fines, they had 4 months to fix the problem. They didn't and they didn't even mention anything until now.

It’s kind of frustrating when people around you say the things they say, just doesn't make sense. As if we were ready to just move into new place in such a short time. I mean do they not understand one needs a deposit and first month, maybe even last month payment.  Don't get me started with the other question. Why rent and just try to buy a place.

All these question and statements are as if they have no idea of the situations we are in. Trust me they know IT, but as if just spouting out from the mouth will make something from nothing. 

Let’s not forget all the other bull we have to deal with every day. It’s kind of getting to the point where everything I've been slowly working on will need to be put on the shelf. I've already abandoned one Domain that I felt could be used as an outlet.

Whatever case is I need an afford place to rent.  Man this sucks I really didn't need this right now, such bad timing.