Lightwave 11 with Poser Pro Promo

From Newtek. Looks like a good deal. 


LightWave | Poser Pro 2012 Promotion

The LightWave 11 and Poser Pro bundle is the perfect tool for pre-visualization, design and animation projects that need rapid character creation, rigging, and animation setup.

ightWave 11 and Poser Pro 2012 Together


By pairing the powerful end-to-end modeling, animation, rendering and visual effects tools in LightWave 11 with the character rigging, set up, and lip-syncing capabilities of Poser Pro 2012 you have everything you need to accelerate workflow throughout the entire production pipeline—from pre-vis to final renders—while keeping budgets and deadlines under control.

Some of the many features of the LightWave and Poser Pro 2012 bundle include the ability to:


  • Import walk and run animation cycles directly into LightWave
  • Augment facial morph creation with Poser morph brushes
  • Map photos onto characters with facial photo matching tools
  • Generate speaking characters in Poser Pro with automatic lip-sync phonemes using imported sound files and export them for a LightWave scene
  • Take advantage of Poser Pro’s dynamic cloth tools, which can be exported for final render in LightWave
  • Augment LightWave renders with Poser Pro’s sketch render styles then combine them with a compositing application for a stylized look
  • Take advantage of the character weight map tools within Poser Pro such as Weight Auto-transfer for the creation of new weight-mapped figures from an existing rig, the generation of new weight maps from existing Poser Zones, pressure sensitive painting of Weight Maps, and interactive color display of affected vertices
  • Integrate Weight Mapped figures created with Poser Pro into LightWave with the PoserFusion plug-in


LightWave 11 combines a state-of-the-art renderer with powerful, intuitive modeling, effects, and animation tools to deliver an end-to-end production pipeline. It includes an award-winning renderer—the same renderer used to create images and effects for blockbuster films and television shows like “The Walking Dead,” “The Hunger Games,” and “The Amazing Spiderman”—and near limitless cross-platform render nodes for the most demanding rendered scenes. There’s even a license to run LightWave on Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and the Mac OS included with every seat of LightWave—to meet the needs of artists everywhere.

Poser Pro 2012 includes figures, character rigs and content designed to make working with 3D characters as easy as possible. Poser Pro includes the PoserFusion hosting plug-in to integrate posed or animated Poser characters and scenes into LightWave and other supported software packages.